Why GrowthHire

If you are top Growth talent

  • You’ll be matched with innovative, exciting projects where you can demonstrate meaningful growth.
  • Being part of GrowthHire is an exclusive, top-talent platform, where companies go looking for you and not the other way around.
  • You are not alone. You will have access to a community of growth minds ready to bounce off ideas and support during your work.
  • Knowledge and skill-share to keep you up-to-date with the latest growth methodologies and frameworks.

Our Screening Process

Our comprehensive screening procedure allows us to work with only the best. We only work with the highest quality talent.


Get in touch

Get in touch with us and we will contact you with what to do next.


Get-to-know-you call

We will conduct a 15-minute chat to explore what you are looking for and kick off the evaluation process.


The Assessment

If our initial call is a success, we will request that you complete a skill-specific assessment, which will give us further insight into your expertise and unique skill set.

We assess each marketer’s professional experience, their client feedback, and previous samples of work  to determine whether they are a good fit for GrowthHire.


In-depth interview call

We will arrange an interview where you will meet one of our growth experts. The goal of this interview will be to better understand your past successes as well as your pain points. This final step of the screening process is a video interview that measures the applicant’s communication skills, as well as their ability to think on their feet, and of course, their level of professionalism. If the applicant succeeds in meeting the above requirements, they can join our GrowthHire.

Join GrowthHire today

Feel free to send over your Freelancer application or Talent Requirements
and if it is a match we will commence our evaluation process.